DHS Private Security

DHS Private Security, Inc. specializes in providing executive protection, security consulting and threat assessments to individuals, corporations and government agencies. We have dedicated professionals from the most highly acclaimed Law Enforcement Agencies, Government and Military Protection teams. While operating we remain mindful of the profile and sensitivity of the clients business, and are able to blend in with their surroundings, while still providing a low profile and discreet but effective level of security.

We pride ourselves on building strong long lasting client relationships and providing effective solutions for a wide variety of security challenges. We go to great lengths to guarantee a superior level of professionalism, discretion and confidentiality.

Our reliable resources and associates enable us to provide clients with support ensuring that any capability is within reach.

The reliable, professional and confidential treatment of clients is the foundation upon which DHS Private Security operates. We realize that protection involves more than just providing a physical presence; our personnel are trained to operate in a discreet manner in order to ensure that all facets of our clients’ business and personal security are addressed. Our agents have extensive experience protecting dignitaries, celebrities, high profile corporate individuals and high net worth families.

In all aspects of our work, we keep the following values in mind:

“Trusted Partners”

We value every job and every client. We provide our best collective recommendations based on extensive experience, training and expertise. If we do our job right, you’ll think you don’t need us.

A source of great pride is near perfect client retention after many thousands of jobs.

“Attention to Detail”

Maintaining safety means staying a step ahead, noticing the little things, and preparing for potential concerns before they occur.


We place great emphasis on close communication and strong client relationships. We work as a team, are responsive, and value your time. Our employees have the knowledge and experience to provide excellent customer service as well as superior security solutions.

“Confidentiality and Integrity”

Having worked extensively with numerous high profile clientele on discreet security matters, we understand the importance of confidentiality and integrity and deliver it without fail.