Workplace Security Guards

workplacesecurityIn difficult economic times, when layoffs are common, it is vital to maintain workplace security. Protection at the workplace may be desired in a variety of circumstances, from mass layoffs to the termination of a single individual who has been behaving inappropriately.

Our first step when we receive a request for workplace protection is to evaluate the situation. We work with HR and managers to determine the level of threat and whether armed security is necessary. If a situation has potential to turn hostile, we will provide the appropriate protection. In other circumstances, all that is required is for us to blend into the office and make our presence known only if it becomes necessary.

Many calls for workplace protection come on very short notice. Our team of Officers is trained in conflict resolution and laws of restraining order, and can be deployed quickly. We understand the law and will assist in keeping your workplace safe and coordinating with local law enforcement if and when necessary.