Risk Management

We all hope never to be affected by a major incident or disaster; equally we hope that, if one does occur, “someone somewhere” will know what to do. Yet, increasingly, it has become the responsibility of companies and individuals to form their own response to unforeseen problems.

Nightmare scenarios do sometimes become reality – an executive kidnapped, devastation from natural disaster, demands from local militia, organized crime, or a terrorist event. Our risk management service helps determine the worst case scenario, and then put plans in place to guard against it. If a nightmare scenario should occur, these plans help businesses and individuals keep operations running with extremely minimal interruption.

Our well-organized contingencies cover all types of evacuation, whether medical, timed or complete withdrawal. Fire safety, bomb threats, industrial espionage and individual protection plans are also part of our risk management service offering. We utilize the expertise of Police Officers and Military Special Forces who have provided executive protection to diplomats, NGO’s, CEO’s, and high net worth individuals all over the world, including in unfamiliar and hazardous areas.

Our agents are able to respond quickly and effectively to preserve life and to secure operations and reputations. While operating, we remain mindful of the profile and sensitivity of the client’s business, and are able to blend in with their surroundings, while still providing discreet and effective security.